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Welcome to the Monday Morning Mirth – a free weekly e-mail that will hopefully put a smile on your dial to start the new week. The Monday Morning Mirth is sent to you in a spirit of fun and frivolity. If, on occasion, it offends, we apologise (sic: we’re Australian) in advance. 

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Love from Grime  


Typically, our WordPress site has been targeted by spammers subscribing. I have deleted over 14,000 "subscribers". This was a fairly ruthless purging so If you were one of the deleted subscribers, please subscribe again. Many new anti-spamming plugins have been added and I trust all is fixed.

There was never any issue with privacy or spamming comments. All subscribers have to be "accepted" in a moderation process before they can post.

All that was required was an inordinate amount of time on my part to fix stuff. Malicious and unwarranted are words that spring to mind.

I hate spammers.


The upgraded WordPress version of the MMM,
is formatted to allow you to:

  • comment on posts,
  • share on various social networks,
  • subscribe straight from the website and
  • search the archives right back to the beginning of transmission back in 1998.