To the Citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

In light of your immediate failure to financially manage yourselves and also in recent years your tendency to elect incompetent Presidents of the USA and therefore not able to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up ‘revocation’ in the Oxford English Dictionary.)   Her […]

The Lawyer and the Blonde

A lawyer and a blonde are sitting next to each other on a long flight from LA to NY. The lawyer leans over to her and asks if she would like to play a fun game. The blonde just wants to take a nap, so she politely declines and rolls over to the window to […]

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living […]

The English Assignment


You know that book Men are from Mars, Women from Venus? Well, this assignment was actually turned in by two of my English students: Rebecca and Gary. First, the Assignment: English 44A SMU Creative Writing (Prof. Miller).

In-class Assignment for Wednesday: Today we will experiment with a form called the […]