213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

Once upon a time, there was a SPC Schwarz stationed with the Army in the Balkans. SPC Schwarz was either very clever or very bored; but probably both, since he managed to attempt or be warned about 213 things he wasn’t allowed to do. He collected those things into a hilarious list and posted them […]

A New Zealander in Amsterdam

Dave, a young New Zealand tourist on his first visit to Amsterdam, locates the red light district and enters a large brothel. The Madam asks him to be seated and sends over a young lady to entertain him. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on […]

The Statues

There were two nude statues, man and woman, standing across from each other in a secluded park. A few hundred years after they have been put in place an Angel flutters down to them. A wave of his hand, and suddenly the statues have been given flesh and released from their pedestals.

The angel says, […]