Three Salesmen

Three salesmen are on the way home from a sales conference when their car suddenly packs in. They walk to the nearest roadside inn and decide there and then that they’ll all just stay there for the night.

They walk up to the reception desk, and the first salesman says, "Three single rooms for the night, please."

The receptionist replies, "I’m sorry sir, all that we have left is one king-size room with one king-size bed."

"Okay," says the first salesman, "shall we all just share, in that case?"

No-one else has any problem with that, so they all accept the room and go to bed, and, due to the tiring nature of that day’s conference, fall asleep straight away.

The next morning they all wake up together.

"Oh my God!" screams the first one. "I’m so fucking embarrassed…I dreamt i was being jerked off by this gorgeous woman, and I’ve actually come in the bed!"

The third guy, over on the other side of the bed, pipes up too. "Me as well! I had that same dream, and I’ve gone all over the place too!" Turning to the guy in the middle, he looks at him and asks "What about you? Surely all 3 of us couldn’t have had the same dream?"

"Oh no, " declares the guy in the middle. "I had a nice dream that I was skiing…"

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